CDI-MPC - Ship Agent - Tank Container - Freight Forwarder - Container Freight Station.

In 1991 chemical companies recognized the need to take a renewed look at the safety, quality and environmental aspects related to the provision of logistic services. As a consequence working groups, with membership from national chemical federations, chemical companies and representative logistic service providers were established to develop a Safety and Quality Assessment System (SQAS) for the inspection of bulk Marine Packed Cargo.

CDI-MPC Assessment commonly addresses areas such as: Communications, Equipment Maintenance and Inspection, Management Policy, Operational Instructions, Quality, Safety, Health and Environmental Procedures, Security and Site Inspection.

CDI-MPC enables chemical companies to have the quality and safety management systems of their logistic service providers assessed in a uniform manner, thereby avoiding multiple assessments by individual chemical companies.

The results of a CDI-MPC assessment, carried out by and independent assessor, do not lead to a certificate but are used by an individual chemical company to evaluate the performance of its service providers. CDI-MPC helps, along with other tools and criteria, in the process of selecting service suppliers and in defining improvement areas with each of them.

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