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Worldwide Quality Assurance was founded in 1999 by Paul because he realized that customers desired the bespoke personal service offered by the smaller yet highly experienced professional staff that could be furnished by his accreditation company. WQA became a truly worldwide company with clients in America, Mainland Europe, Far East and the UK. More..

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Training Provided by WQA

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ISO 9000

ISO9001 compliance provides an environment which creates a well defined quality management program within your company. Quality management ensures that processes and services are carried out in a consistent and well controlled manner. More..


BS-EN-ISO-14001 will save your company time and money in ensuring that your company protects the environment from its activities. The assessments verify your company's activities in relation to environmental issues and legislation. More..


CDI-T, The European Chemical Industry Council, represents directly or indirectly about 40,000 chemical companies in Europe. CDI-T consists of national chemical industry federations of 22 countries in Europe and large international companies, which are members in their own right. More..


In 1991 chemical companies recognized the need to take a renewed look at the safety, quality and environmental aspects related to the provision of logistic services. As a consequence working groups, with membership from national chemical federations, chemical companies and representative logistic service providers were established to develop a Safety and Quality Assessment System (SQAS) for the inspection of bulk Marine Packed Cargo.. More..

OHSAS 18001

OHSAS 18001 is the latest certification specification for Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems. The OHSAS 18001 standard specifies the requirements of an Occupational Health and Safety Management System. It has been formulated to be applicable to all types and sizes of companies and to accommodate diverse geographical, cultural and social conditions. More..

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